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What is WebArmor?

WebArmor is software that facilitates copyright protection of your web site. WebArmor archives your web site and affixes an authoritative, encrypted time-date stamp and content signature. You can then show, in court if necessary, what your web site looked like at a particular instant in time.

If you suspect someone has plagiarized your HTML or stolen your online artwork, a WebArmor-archived copy of your site can PROVE that "you had it first", on your site.

How does WebArmor work?

WebArmor is an archiving robot. It copies your site to a compressed offline archive and attaches information such as the time of archiving, the archive owner, and the name of your site. The archive is "signed" so that alterations are impossible. Selected parts of the archive are encrypted, so forgery is also impossible.

Once you create an archive, you can store it on magnetic tape, optical disk, or an ordinary hard drive. You can create as many archives a you wish. For example, you can make an archive once a day, or only when substantive changes have been made to the site. You can archive your entire site or just selected pages.

Why the Authoritative Timestamp and Content Signature?

As part of the archive process WebArmor connects to a special Internet site and receives an Authoritative Timestamp. This timestamp is independent of the clock setting on your local machine and is based on a signal obtained from the U.S. Naval Observatory atomic clock. Since all WebArmor archives receive their timestamps from the same unbiased source, there can be no question as to the authenticity of the timestamp.

The Content Signature is a mathematically-determined number that summarizes the byte-for-byte content of the entire WebArmor archive file. This number is absolutely unique for each archive, and can detect any effort to tamper with the archive. If even one byte of the archive has been altered, the Content Signature computation will detect this.

Both the Authoritative Timestamp and Content Signature are encrypted and embedded in the archive file, so forgery or archive tampering is all but impossible.

The archiving, timestamping, content signing, and encryption are all done as part of the same uninterruptible software process. A timestamp is obtained at the beginning and end of each session, and the contents are signed and the encryption is performed when the archive is closed. The archive is thus "armored" as part of the session-termination process. There are no "offline timeout periods" that allow opportunities to tamper with or forge an archive. Attempts to attach a timestamp or signature "after the fact" will fail.

What is WebUnArmor?

WebUnArmor is a companion application to WebArmor that decrypts, authenticates, and unpacks WebArmor archives. It produces an offline-browseable version of your web site, suitable for display in court on a portable computer. You can demonstrate to a judges exactly what your web site looked liked at some PROVABLE point in time.

What does WebArmor cost?

The software costs nothing. You can download it from our web site. However, to attach authoritative timestamps to your archives you need to buy a WebArmor License. Your first license is $495, and subsequent licenses are $100 each. One license protects one web site for one year. License renewals are $100 each per year.

We encourage you to download the software and try it out. You can use it without a license, but the archives it creates will be tagged as invalid. Once you're satisfied that WebArmor meets your needs, you can open and account with us, buy a license, and start protecting your site.

How do I get WebArmor Licenses?

First open an account with us. Provide your name and some basic contact information (email address, telephone number, etc.), your credit card number and billing address. Once you have an account, you may buy as many licenses as you need. You can even open multiple accounts under the same name if you need to.

You can edit your account information online, but if you're concerned about security, you can phone, fax or email it to us as well.

How do I use WebArmor?

Please see the separate instruction sheet here.

How do I use WebUnArmor?

Please see the separate instruction sheet here.

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