WebArmor Accounts

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To use WebArmor, you must have WebArmor software and a WebArmor Account. The account and sotware are free, but you must purchase a license to "activate" your software and start protecting your web site. Each site must be covered by it's own license, though one account may own many licenses.

Your first license is $495. Subsequent licenses for the same account are $100 each.

New Accounts

If you do not have an account, please go to the New Accounts Page to establish one. Once you have an account, you can buy WebArmor licenses and begin protecting your sites.

Existing Accounts

If you already have a WebArmor account, you may wish to edit your account information or buy licenses. Enter your Account Number and password, then select an option and click Edit Account.
     Account Number  
    Edit your account information        Change your password
    Edit your credit card information    Buy WebArmor licenses
    Assign a license to a site           View an account report

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