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Set a schedule to copy down your web site:
Automatically copies down your web site every day or every week, on a schedule you set.

Copy down the web site of another:
It is fair use to copy down the web site of a party that you believe is infringing your copyright.

Authenticated time-date stamping of every web site copy:
You can prove the owner, date, and time for the web site copy because the authentication signature is encrypted and authenticated by a third party www.authenticator.com.

Does not use RSA. Does not constitute encryption export:
You can even use this on a web site in a foreign country.

The copy of the web site can be surfed without an Internet connection:
You can demonstrate your web site the way it was, in its tangible form, even in a courtroom or office that lacks Internet access. Imagine showing the infringer what you can prove.

Original source of every web page is retained:
You can also show the source of the web site's tangible form, the way it was.

All copies of the Web site under a single schedule are compressed to a single archive file:
File size is minimized and the copy is easy to backup to a tape or a disk.

Runs on most computing platforms:
WebArmor will run on most computing platforms (except, due to technical limitations -- for DOS and Windows 3.1). It can run on a spare machine or your server.

Our programmers stand ready to upgrade WebArmor to your needs: We are focused on the problems of web site copyright protection so you can focus on your web site creation.

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