WebArmor New Account Form

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We appreciate your taking a few minutes to open an account with WebArmor. All information you provide is for use only by Television Computer, Inc. Your name and personal information will never be provided to third parties.

First, tell us your name and email address. Then, choose a password that is six or more characters long and type it in the appropriate field. Finally, type in your mother's maiden name (or some other easily remembered name or word), so that we can verify your identity if you ever forget your password.

   First name        
   Last name         
   Day Phone Number  
   Fax Number        (Optional)
   Mother's name     
   Password          (again) 
Billing Address: 
   Company Name      (Optional) 
   Address line 1    
   Address line 2    (Optional) 
   Zip/Postal Code   
   Country           (Optional) 

Credit Card Information: 

                     Visa    Mastercard    American Express 

   Card Number      
   Expr. Date       / (eg. 4/97)

A Note on Credit Information: Since you need to buy licenses to use WebArmor, we'll need information on your credit card (type of card, card number and expiration date). You can supply the information in the spaces above, or if you're concerned about security, you can use one of the methods listed below:

via Fax-- Print and complete this credit information form and send it to us at +1 (412) 683-6415

via Telephone-- Phone us at +1 (412) 683-6210 to give us your name, email address, your password and credit information.

via email -- Email the WebArmor Account Form, and submitted credit information to Television Computer via FAX +1 (412) 683-6415, telephone +1 (412) 683-6210.

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