Using WebUnArmor

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Instructions for Using WebUnArmor.

First, please read the WebArmor FAQ. The FAQ is considered part of these instructions.

Running WebUnArmor.

Running WebUnArmor is very simple. Just launch the application and select the archive file you'd like to expand. WebUnArmor will then proceed through the following steps:

  1. WebUnArmor contacts our encryption server to decrypt the encoded owner, license, signature and timestamp information embedded in the file.

  2. Internal validity checks are performed to verify that the archive has not been altered or forged. If any of these steps fail, the archive is considered invalid.

  3. Decrypted archive information is displayed on-screen, including ownership, sitename, and timestamp information.

  4. The archive is unpacked, creating a browseable offline version of your original web site.

What WebUnArmor Produces.

Quite simply, two things:

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